Fundraiser to help Texas musician overcome hemochromatosis

Photo Credit: Bill Ellison

Photo Credit: Bill Ellison

On Nov. 6, 2016 from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. family, friends, and fans of the East Texas musician Andie Kay Joyner are gathering in Ben Wheeler, Texas for a two-stage musical fundraiser that will help Joyner to pay for her hemochromatosis treatment.

Andie is a talented performer who loves singing with her band, the "blacktopGypsy", but instead of joining her friends on the stage, she is recovering from major surgery that may have been preventable.

In 1999 hemochromatosis patients saw an average of 3 doctors and spent 9 years trying to get a complete diagnosis. In 2010 those numbers improved but not enough to catch these three women and countless unknown others. 

Why? Because the first symptoms of hemochromatosis can be symptoms of other diseases. Doctors have to suspect hemochromatosis before they can verify a person has it. And because the tests to verify HHC are not part of routine blood panels, the disease can slip by undetected.

If you live in Texas, mark your calendar for Nov. 6 and join the special performance of multiple talents singing on behalf of Andie. If you can’t make it to the concert but want to help visit Andie’s Go Fund Me page.

A special thanks to PA Geddie for bringing attention to this matter through Countyline Magazine and helping us spread the word about Andie.