The Hemochromatosis Cookbook

One of the most frequent questions Iron Disorders Institute receives relates to diet. In 2008, Iron Disorders Institute released The Hemochromatosis Cookbook. We are pleased to share the recipes included are tasty, family-friendly, and obviously iron-conscious. 

When writing this cookbook, Iron Disorders Institute partnered with their Medical Advisory Board to ensure that each recipe met all of the necessary health standards for a hemochromatosis patient. 

In the book, there is also a helpful iron-in-foods comprehensive chart that shows you what foods are high in heme and non-heme iron. There is also a small health journal for record-keeping

If you or a family member have hemochromatosis and are looking for a solution for iron healthy and delicious meals, purchase this book from Amazon today.

Guide To Hemochromatosis

Order Iron Tests Online

Health-e-Iron, a partner of the Iron Disorders Institute offers a quick and confidential way to order your iron tests online. 

The Process

  1. Simply order your iron tests by clicking on the button below. 
  2. Print off the confidential order and take it to any LabCorp location.
  3. Results are posted to your Health-e-Iron account confidentially. 

The Company

Health-e-Iron LLC, is an affiliate of Iron Disorders Institute (IDI) and the Hemochromatosis Foundation. Together, our affiliation comprises the largest iron-health public interest organization in the world. We are now offering direct-to-consumer blood tests in 41 participating states. This service is provided through a partnership with Direct Laboratory Services (DirectLabs). Tests can be ordered and purchased online. The test order will be authorized by a DirectLabs physician licensed in your state.