GIVing to iron disorders institute is charitable and tax-deductible.

Part of our mission at Iron Disorders Institute is to honor the memory of those people lost to hemochromatosis. If you had a family member or friend that lost their battle to hemochromatosis, we encourage you to make a donation in memory of that person. Donations to Iron Disorders Institute in memory are 100% tax deductible and your funds are designated to help educate the public about this preventable disorder. 

If you are interested in making a donation in memory of someone you love, please do so below. 

Give to our general fund

Since Iron Disorders Institute is a volunteer-based non-profit, no general funds will go towards a person's salary. Your gift will support the following items:

  • Printed educational materials (books and pamphlets)

  • Digital educational materials (websites)

  • Workshops

  • Iron certification programs

  • Scholarship programs so indigent families can afford iron panel tests.

Give To Our General Fund

Give in Honor or Memory

If there is a loved-one that has passed away or a person you would like to honor, we consider both iron warriors. You can give as much or as little as you choose and we will: 

  • Honor them in our newsletters

  • At family's request, Iron Disorders Institute will honor these iron warriors on our websites

  • Use the funds to spread iron education with workshops, educational materials, and scholarship programs

Give in honor/memory

Become a Member

Membership is what drives our organization. With regular membership, we are able to do more in our community and educate more physicians. As a member, you will receive:

  • Our monthly newsletter sent digitally (a print version is available for members only by request)

  • A membership card to the Iron Disorders Institute. This card provides you with discounts to our events, so make certain to hold onto the card.

Become a Member

Please note: we do not accept donations from Florida.