It is very important to get iron levels down to normal. Therapeutic blood removal or phlebotomy is the most common means of iron reduction. Therapeutic phlebotomy (TP) is the same as regular blood donation but TP requires a doctor’s order (prescription).

Regular blood donation can be done every 8 weeks. A person with severe iron overload may need to give blood as much as 8 times in a single month! The goal is to bring blood ferritin levels to an Ideal range of 50-150ng/mL. Depending on the amount of iron overload at the time of diagnosis, reaching normal levels can require several phlebotomies.

Serum ferritin drops about 30ng/mL with each full unit (500cc) of blood removed. When ferritin falls more rapidly following a phlebotomy, there is likely some other reason. These reasons are specific to the individual but can include: the presence of inflammation, changes in alcohol consumption or changes to medication.

Once iron levels reach normal, a person can begin maintenance therapy, which involves making a blood donation every 2 to 4 months for life. Some people may need to give blood more or less often depending on what they eat and how quickly their body absorbs iron.

The TS% and serum ferritin tests can be done periodically to help determine how often blood should be removed.

When hemochromatosis is diagnosed early and treated before organs are damaged a person can live a normal life expectancy. For people who have disease at the time of diagnosis, life expectancy may be shortened depending upon the disease. If a person is diagnosed and treated before serum ferritin is above 1,000ng/mL the risk of cirrhosis or liver cancer is less than 1%.

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  • Physician's Reference Chart

    Hemochromatosis is misdiagnosed an average of 67% of the time according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Iron Disorders Institute's Medical Advisory Board created the Physician's Reference Chart to help prevent this. Simply download the form below and take it to your current physician. This chart will help your physician diagnose you and offer a proper course of treatment.

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