Humans consume two types of iron: heme and non-heme. Heme iron is the most easily absorbed form of iron. Highest in heme iron is red meat such as beef, venison, lamb, buffalo; also blue fin tuna is higher in heme iron than most other types of fish. All meat and fish also contain non-heme iron, which is found mostly in vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and most over-the-counter iron supplements.

Visit the Iron Disorders Institute Library for more details about diet, including meal and food planning suggestions and list of iron content in foods.

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    The Hemochromatosis Cookbook is a comprehensive source for low iron or iron-free meals. The book features dozen of entrees, appetizers, desserts, breads and soups that for the Hemochromatosis patient. These meals are also family-tested and taste amazing. The Hemochromatosis Cookbook can be purchased through Amazon by clicking the link below.  

  • Physician's Reference Chart

    Hemochromatosis is misdiagnosed an average of 67% of the time according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Iron Disorders Institute's Medical Advisory Board created the Physician's Reference Chart to help prevent this. Simply download the form below and take it to your current physician. This chart will help your physician diagnose you and offer a proper course of treatment.

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FeGGT LifePro is an affordable iron-panel test provided by HealtheIron and Iron Disorders Institute. This comprehensive iron test also includes a GGT liver panel test and can be purcahsed online by clicking below.


If someone that you love has passed away from Hemochromatosis, make a memorial donation in memory and honor of them.